Best Places To Buy Roller Blinds In Dubai

Best Places To Buy Roller Blinds In Dubai

Are you looking for the best roller blinds in Dubai? Then you have come to the right place. After researching dozens and dozens of curtain shops in Dubai, we have narrowed the list down to just the top 10 roller blind shops in Dubai.

Our list contains the 10 best places to buy roller blinds in Dubai, and we call them the best not just because they have the best collections. We call them the best because they have the best collection and highly positive client reviews.

These businesses have been around for quite some time and have made a good name for themselves. So, if you are in the market for quality roller blinds, check them out. These shops offer on-site and online services so that you can buy from them at your leisure.

1. Best Curtains in Dubai

Best Curtains in Dubai

Best Curtains in Dubai takes immense pride in curating a collection sourced from reputable brands, ensuring top-notch quality, competitive prices, and unique designs. Whether for homes or offices, their diverse roller blind styles cater to every taste. 

Committed to providing the best roller blind prices in Dubai, they prioritize customer satisfaction, making quality selections accessible. 

Choose them for an unparalleled roller blind journey that elevates the ambiance of your living or working space—no wonder they are considered one of the best places to buy roller blinds in Dubai.

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2. Blinds & Curtains Dubai

Blinds & Curtains Dubai

Blinds & Curtains Dubai has curated an impressive roller blind collection that has delighted customers. Their range includes Sunscreen Roller Blinds, Blackout Roller Blinds, Dimout Roller Blinds, and more, all offered at highly affordable prices. 

The quality of the blinds is exceptional, and customers appreciate the diverse yet budget-friendly options available. For those seeking stylish and cost-effective solutions for window treatments, Blinds & Curtains Dubai stands out as a reliable choice for the best places to buy roller blinds in Dubai.

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3. Dubai Blinds

Dubai Blinds

Dubai Blinds offers a convenient mobile service, presenting a diverse collection of curtains, shutters, and blinds, including vertex blinds, panel blinds, honeycomb blinds, and roller blinds in vibrant colors or lively patterns to enhance your home’s aesthetics. 

Notable features like end cap locking systems and metal or plastic chains add functionality to their roller blinds. Motorized blinds are also available for those seeking modern convenience. 

The Dubai Blinds team takes the hassle out of the process by bringing samples to your home or commercial space, taking precise measurements, and handling the installation, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

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4. Rimini Blinds

Rimini Blinds

For individuals seeking blinds that effortlessly combine style with practicality, the roller blinds offered by Rimini Blinds provide an ideal solution. They offer effective shading and add a touch of luxury or glamor to windows, all at a budget-friendly price point.

Recognizing the significance of fabric and design in window dressing, Rimini Blinds ensures various affordable color palettes, from basic to designer options. This caters to the unique ambiance and functional requirements of each room.

For those with specific preferences for colors and prints, a personalized touch is available – the option to print a chosen photo onto the fabric. This results in a truly unique and luxurious roller blind. It’s a hassle-free, stylish solution for anyone looking to enhance their windows.

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5. EMS Curtains

EMS Curtains

EMS Curtains in Dubai offers an amazing collection of roller blinds that have delighted customers. They stand out by allowing customers to customize their designs, adding a personal touch to their spaces. With EMS Curtains, quality is not compromised; each blind reflects durability and excellence. 

The classic blind design efficiently controls light, creating a comfortable atmosphere in any room. Moreover, EMS Curtains ensures fully natural colors are used, adding a touch of nature to your interiors. 

Overall, their roller blinds collection is a fantastic choice for those seeking the best places to buy roller blinds in Dubai.

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6. Dubai Interiors

Dubai Interiors

Dubai Interiors is the go-to place for roller blinds in Dubai. Dubai Interiors has what you need if you want roller blinds that keep your room dark or let in a bit of light for a cozy feel. They don’t just have basic blinds. 

They also offer special ones like sunscreen roller blinds to protect you from the sun and bonded roller blinds that make your space look fancy. And if you need a bunch of blinds, they can help with that, too. Whether you’re fixing up one room or many, Dubai Interiors has simple and stylish roller blinds for everyone.

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7. Empire Curtains

Empire Curtains

Empire Curtains has been around for more than seven years, making it a trusted spot to get roller blinds in Dubai. Whether you like shopping online or prefer going to the store, Empire Curtains has both options for people in Dubai. 

Empire Curtains stands out because they pay attention to the fabric used in their roller blinds. They check how well it can handle heat, light, and regular use, so you know you’re getting blinds that last. 

If you want roller blinds that are reliable and made to withstand different conditions, Empire Curtains has got you covered.

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8. Royal Shades Curtains LLC

Royal Shades Curtains LLC

Royal Shades Curtains LLC stands out as a top choice for roller curtains. Their curtains are made from the highest standard fabrics, ensuring durability and quality. The simple pulley system makes them even better and easy for anyone to use. 

If there’s a problem, Royal Shades Curtains LLC has skilled technicians who can quickly fix things. What’s great is that these curtains don’t need special polishes or regular coats of other chemicals to look good. 

Royal Shades Curtains LLC is the way to go for reliable, easy-to-use roller curtains that stand the test of time.

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9. Blinds Home


HomeofBlinds offers a fantastic range of window treatments to elevate any space. From classic shutters to versatile roller blinds, they’ve got it all. One standout choice is their cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, which add a touch of modern style while providing energy efficiency. 

Opting for their wood blinds is an excellent choice for achieving a natural and timeless appearance. On the other hand, Roman blinds bring a touch of luxury and beauty to your windows. 

Of course, they also have the standard vertical and horizontal blinds, offering a variety that suits every taste and preference. HomeofBlinds is the go-to destination for quality window solutions that enhance style and functionality.

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10. IKEA


Everyone knows IKEA, the well-known furniture store in Dubai, and they’ve got roller blinds too. You have the option to choose your preferred colors and blinds either online or at their physical store. The typical cost for a blind is AED 249.

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Roller blinds provide many benefits, whether installed in your home or business. From helping you control your privacy level to your sunlight level, roller blinds come with many benefits. Since you are interested in purchasing roller blinds, you need to know where you should be looking.

To help you, we researched the best places to buy roller blinds in Dubai for you. Each of these businesses is known for its vast collection of high-quality roller blinds and high customer satisfaction.


Q. How to measure windows for roller blinds?

First, measure the width, then the window recess’s height, and add a few extra inches for coverage.

Q. Can roller blinds be installed on all types of windows?

Yes, roller blinds are versatile and can be installed on various window types.

Q. Are there eco-friendly roller blind options available?

Yes, many stores offer eco-friendly materials for roller blinds, contributing to sustainability.

Q. Do I need professional installation for roller blinds?

While DIY installation is possible, professional installation ensures a perfect fit and longevity.

Q. Can roller blinds be motorized for smart home integration?

Absolutely, many stores offer motorized roller blinds compatible with smart home systems.

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