Standard Sizes For Curtains

Standard Sizes For Curtains – Curtain Length Guide

Nothing brings in a room or a home in general quite like curtains. They are the most common tool for interior designing and for good reasons too. They come in many shapes and sizes but with the right idea transform a space in many ways.

But because them come in so many shapes and sizes, it’s tricky to pick the right one with the naked eye. That’s why you need to measure your window and know the standard sizes for curtains. With these two pieces of information, you can purchase the right kind of curtains for your home.

Standard Sizes For Curtains

For the most part, there are many sizes of curtains to fit all kinds of needs, including window sizes. But in general, there are certain sizes that are more common. These are the standard sizes for curtains most people are familiar with.

Standard Sizes For Curtains in Dubai

The most common curtain lengths are 63, 84, 96, 108, and 120 inches long. Additionally, curtain panels are typically 48 inches wide.
Each of these sizes has its own uses. Here is a short list of those uses:

  • 63 inches: Suitable for smaller windows or café-style curtains.
  • 84 inches: Ideal for standard windows and provides ample coverage.
  • 90 inches: Perfect for puddling to the floor with 8-foot ceilings.
  • 95 inches: Another option for puddling to the floor with standard 8-foot ceilings.
  • 108 inches: Designed for floor-length curtains in rooms with 9-foot ceilings.
  • 120 inches: Ideal for puddling to the floor with 10-foot ceilings.
  • 144 inches: Suitable for puddling to the floor in rooms with 12-foot ceilings, creating a luxurious look.

Measure Your Windows For Curtains

Measuring your window for curtains isn’t really rocket science, but there are steps that should be followed. These steps make the process easier and give you more accurate measurements.

Measure Your Windows For Curtains

Gather Your Materials

The first step to measuring your windows for curtains is to gather the necessary tools. You won’t need anything complicated so this step should only take a few minutes.

  • Measuring Tape or Tool: You’ll need this to measure your windows.
  • Level: This will help you ensure that your curtains hang straight.
  • Pencil: Use a simple pencil to mark your measurements on the wall or window frame.
  • Sturdy Step Ladder: If your windows are high, you’ll need a safe way to reach them.

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Choose Your Mounting Style

Once you have everything you need, decide on the mounting style you will go with. You can either mount your curtains inside or outside the window frame. Generally, people go with the outside mount.

For this style, you must decide whether the curtain will hang from the wall or the ceiling.

Measure the Window

Now comes the actual measuring part of this guide.

For those going with an inside mount start with measuring the length and width of the window. Measure the inside of the trim from left to right and top to bottom.

Those going with an outside mount should also start by measuring the length and width of the window. But for the outside mount measure the outside of the trim from left to right and top to bottom.

For more detailed information, you can check out this comprehensive guide on Curtains Size for Different Size Windows

Measure for Width

We need to start with the drapery rod to measure the width of your curtains. Ensure that your hardware goes 8 to 12 inches extra from both sides of the window. This is done to make the window seem wider.

Inside mounts, curtain rods should equal the window’s width. For outside mounts, the curtain width will be one and a half or two times the window’s width.

Measure for Curtain Length

Finally, we measure the curtain length. Simply measure from the rod to the floor vertically. We recommend you measure the length such that the curtain hangs just above or on the floor. This will give your curtains and the window a cleaner look.

But you can have the curtain puddle on the floor for a more elegant and luxurious feel. In that case, you should add an extra three to six inches to the length measurement

Why Are Custom Curtains The Best Call?

Knowing the standard sizes for curtains can help make a curtain purchase easier. Still, sometimes it’s better to go with custom ones. Why? Because then you can enjoy other benefits. Here are some of those benefits:

Why Are Custom Curtains The Best Call

Perfect Fit

Custom curtains are made with precise measurements. This means your windows will be covered to exact specifications. So the curtains won’t be too long or too short. This will ensure a more polished and professional look.

Learn about How Much Wider Should a Curtain Be Than the Window for finding the perfect fit.

Design Flexibility

Custom curtains don’t just mean custom measurements. They mean custom in every sense of the word. You will have complete control of the fabrics, colors, patterns, and styles. So you can ensure your curtains meet all your standards and wishes.

Personalization Options

As we mentioned, with custom curtains, you are your boss. You will have the chance to add your desired decorative trims and embellishments or select unique hardware and accessories. Every aspect of the window treatment will be completely up to you.

Quality Craftsmanship

Custom curtain providers work with more care and attention to detail. This ensures the quality is always up to standard and that they never disappoint. Your custom curtains will be more durable and longer lasting than the mass-produced curtains.

Enhanced Functionality

Since you have so much control over how your custom curtain looks they can be tailor-made to fit many needs. Whether you need blackout curtains for a restful night’s sleep, thermal curtains for energy efficiency, or motorized curtains for added convenience, custom options offer enhanced functionality and performance.

Get The Best Custom Curtains From BCD

If you are looking to go beyond the standard sizes for curtains because your windows have different dimensions, custom curtains are what you need. There is no better option for custom curtains in Dubai than BCD.

We have the best and most experienced team that is able to and will provide you with quality custom curtains. We are wholly dedicated to providing the best curtain experiences for homes and offices.

Our collection is vast regarding fabrics, colors, and styles so you will have options on top of options available to you. We can accommodate any and all preferences with no worries. We also strive to meet all ranges of budgets without compromising on quality.

So don’t go settling for those off-the-shelf curtains that are hit or miss. Instead, contact BCD today, and let’s transform your home with the best window treatments in Dubai.


So to conclude the standard sizes for curtains are 63, 84, 96, 108, and 120 inches in length. There are other sizes of course and all of these sizes have different uses or purposes. If you are looking to find the best curtains for your window you should know the measure of your window.

Use our guide to find your window’s correct length and width and match it against the standard curtain lengths. However, if you fail to match the measurements, we recommend you get some customized curtains

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