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How To Choose Curtains For A Living Room In Dubai?

When it comes to living rooms, curtains play a major role in bringing everything together. Are you looking to make your living room truly the center of attention for all your guests? Then it would be best if you chose a curtain that really speaks to you and your dream living room look. 

To ensure that you know how to choose curtains for a living room in Dubai we will break down factors you need to consider. While curtains are a solid choice for living rooms in Dubai there are some who consider blinds to be better. We will look at both sides of the debate of curtains vs. blinds so that you can make the right choice for your living room.

How To Choose Curtains For A Living Room?

There is no right or wrong answer to how to choose curtains for a living room in Dubai but there are some factors you should consider. Here are five major factors you need to think about when picking the best curtains for living rooms:

How To Choose Curtains For A Living Room


One of the key factors in choosing curtains for a living room is to accurately measure your windows. Ensure that you get the proper width and height for your windows including the trim or molding. The more accurate your measurement is the easier it will be for you to choose the right curtain sizes.

Incorrect curtain sizes can completely destroy the theme and look of your living room. Therefore accurate measurements are a must when choosing curtains for Dubai homes. Read this guide to learn how to measure windows for curtains.


Never go around looking to choose curtains for a living room in Dubai without knowing or setting a budget. There are endless options available for living room curtains in Dubai and a fixed budget can help narrow down your choices. With a budget, you will be able to balance cost with quality and find the best Dubai curtains for living rooms. 

Theme and Purpose

When you try to choose living room curtains in Dubai you need to consider the theme and purpose your curtains will serve. Are you looking to go formal? Elegant? Casual? Or wild and fun? Answer this question and you will know what kind of living room curtains are best for your home. Let’s complement your furniture with your curtains or contrast them. 

Fabric Options

Along with the theme you should also consider curtain fabrics. Different ones come with different features that can greatly enhance your living room. From sheer to voile or organza to blackout, it can give your living room exciting looks and feels. Some of these fabrics, like sheer and blackout, also allow for greater or lesser light filtering that can enhance your privacy in the living room. Think about which direction your living room is in and use that information to determine if you need more or less light. This will help you to decide which fabric is best for your living room curtains. 

Colors and Patterns

Color and patterns are extremely important when choosing curtains for the living room in Dubai. In fact, this factor is up there with cost, size, and theme. You can complement or contrast the existing decor for your living room. If your living currently has bold colors and patterns, you can double down with more bold colors and patterns in the curtains. Or go with something light to contrast it to make the room pop more.

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Curtains vs. Blinds for Living Rooms

Most people are looking to choose curtains for living rooms in Dubai but there are cases where blinds are chosen. We will look at some factors that can help you choose curtains or blinds for Dubai living rooms. 

Curtains Vs Blinds

Design Options

Curtains offer various design options, including different fabrics, colors, patterns, and styles. You can choose from sheer curtains for a light and airy feel or heavier drapes for a more formal look. Curtains also allow for customization with features like tie-backs, valances, and decorative trim. On the other hand, blinds come in various materials like wood, aluminum, or fabric, offering versatility in design. You can choose from different slat sizes, finishes, and operating mechanisms to match your living room decor.


Both blinds and curtains can be customized to fit your window sizes. Curtains typically come in standard lengths and widths. Still, they can also be tailored to your specific measurements for a perfect fit. Blinds are available in standard sizes and have made-to-measure options to accommodate different window dimensions. Think about window size and shape when deciding between curtains and blinds to ensure a snug and tailored look.


In Dubai, the average cost of blinds and curtains per window starts at AED 100–AED 290. The cost of curtains is influenced by design, fabric selection, size, type, material, and customization. For example, office blinds can cost from AED 105–AED 150 per square meter, while blackout roller blinds can cost anywhere between AED 200–AED 400 per square meter. Customized curtains can cost between AED 500–AED 1500 per window, and motorized curtains can cost between AED 1,000–AED 3,000 per window. 


To put up curtains, you need rods to hang them. You can attach these rods to brackets using screws above your window. This lets you switch curtains easily when you want to change things up for the weather or decoration.

For blinds, start by marking where you want them. Then, set up brackets above your window sill. Next, fix the top part of the blinds onto the brackets. Cover the top part with a casing to make it look tidy and secure the blinds. This prevents them from falling down.


Both curtains and blinds require regular maintenance to keep them in good shape. With curtains, you can just take them off the rods and wash them in the machine if they are machine-washable. Otherwise, you need to follow the steps that you can take from the manufacturer or sellers. 

With blinds, you need to consider the style you have installed. Different types of blinds require different steps. Therefore blinds may take longer to clean than curtains. 


When you are in Dubai, you will be looking to keep as much cool air as possible inside your home, and with curtains, you can do so more easily. Certain fabrics will allow your curtains to reflect harsh sunlight during the day, thus keeping your internal room temperature lower. At night, these fabrics will let in more cool air from outside while filtering in less external light. 

Blinds can’t do what curtains can do when it comes to insulation. Their slat designs let outside warm air and harsh sunlight into your home more easily. Blackout blinds can help with insulation but not as much. 


Privacy can be achieved with both curtains and blinds but blinds can do it better. Precise light control isn’t possible with most curtains therefore you won’t have as much privacy as you want. With sheer curtains, you will have more external light, thus less privacy, and vice versa with blackout living room curtains. 

Blinds, however, will allow you to control just how much external lights come into your living room. 


To choose curtains for a living room in Dubai you need to consider criteria such as size, cost, terms, fabrics, and colors or patterns. By looking at these factors you can more easily narrow down your choices. There are many options available when it comes to the Best Curtains in Dubai -BCD for living rooms so make it easier on yourself and follow our suggestions. 

Aside from curtains, blinds are a solid choice depending on the kind of home you have and your preferences. In the long-standing debate of curtains vs. blinds, we have listed some factors that might help you out. Regardless of your choice, you can come to us for the best options.

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